Welcome Bob!

Six years ago — when Perumal Gandhi and I were just two 22-year-olds with a big idea in an accelerator program in Cork, Ireland —if you had asked me where our company would be in 2020, I would have said, “I have literally no idea.” Maybe we’d be selling Perfect Day branded milk in grocery stores? Perhaps if everything worked out we’d be a mighty team of 40?

There’s no way I would have dreamed that we’d have raised more than $360 million from some of the largest, most respected investors in the world. That we’d grow so quickly, we’d be in a constant game of office upgrades and lease signings. That we’d be a team of almost 200 strong with offices across the country and operations spanning the globe. That we’d pivot to a B2B, Intel-inside inspired model and have agreements in place with some of the largest manufacturing and consumer products companies in the world.

And there’s absolutely no way I’d ever dream that we’d have one of the most respected leaders in the world join our Board of Directors.

And yet somehow, today I have the honor and delight to share that Bob Iger, Executive Chairman of The Walt Disney Company, has joined Perfect Day’s Board of Directors to fill our first founder-designated seat. Bob will help us thoughtfully navigate our next stage of growth as we look to enter new markets and product categories. He’ll also serve as a mentor to Perumal and me as we grow our capabilities as executives.

Bob, as I’m sure you know, brings decades of leadership experience to Perfect Day along with an unparalleled track record of operational excellence. He served as the CEO of Disney for over 15 years, where he transformed Disney into one of the world’s largest and most admired media and entertainment companies. In his role, Bob focused on three strategic pillars: generating the best creative content possible, fostering innovation & utilizing the latest technologies, and expanding into new markets around the world.

Perfect Day will be Bob’s only Board membership outside of his seat on The Walt Disney Company and marks his third Board seat ever, after serving on Apple’s Board of Directors for eight years.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Bob Iger? Perfect Day? What’s the relation and how on Earth did this happen?

Like most things in 2020, it started with a Zoom call. Bob was introduced to Perumal and me through one of our major investors, so we all hopped on a video chat. We immediately felt a shared chemistry. It turns out, Bob was looking to work more closely with disruptive early stage companies and had a passion for next-gen food supply companies.

We sent Bob some of our favorite ice cream made with Perfect Day. And unbeknownst to us, he did some shopping of his own, which is how Bob ended up with 24 pints of Brave Robot in his freezer. (In case you’re curious, his favorite flavor is PB N’ Fudge. Smart guy.)

Luckily for us, he liked it as much as we did, and the rest is history.

We’re looking forward to a bright future for Perfect Day, and to continuing our journey with Bob’s help. More to come!